About Me

I’m your typical writer. I fill the early mornings before the sun comes up by sitting at my favorite spot, creating new characters, new scenes, and new stories. My creativity and wanderlust, especially if involving water, never end.

I’m a part-time author of suspense fiction. When I’m not immersed in writing, I work full-time in the Information Technology industry as a sales director. I’m also a mom to five young adults, and a wife, daughter, boater, and crafter, as well as a chocolate eating, shell collecting, world traveling creator. During my formative years, I resided in Texas, so I’ve been known to say “y’all” and “fixin”. I now live on an island in St Petersburg, Florida. One of my favorite phrases is “smooth as glass”. When I’m not out shelling the beaches or boating the sea, I’m usually tucked into the corner of my office, with sea views, dreaming up action scenes for my adventurous characters.

Since I live in Florida, I’m naturally drawn to the tranquility of the ocean. My coastal lifestyle inspires me and my writing often explores worldly adventures to remote locations, a source of seemingly endless fiction options.

My goal is to get my books noticed in a sea of 4,000,000 books without getting eaten by a shark, or stung by a sting ray – or drowning!

Fun or Fun(ny) Facts About Pamela:

    • I always consult the tidal conditions before I run.
    • I’m constantly planning an escape to a foreign country.
    • I consult a lunar calendar to schedule my out-of-town visitors. (You decipher that one.)
    • I’m addicted to toe nail polish… every color.
    • I’m a really nosey and curious person at heart, so I often ask personal questions of people who I barely know. More often than not, they answer them.
    • Although many of my friends think I’m this active superwoman, my favorite pastime, you guessed it, is reading.
    • My standard response to a spontaneous, wild, adventure? “Let me grab my flip-flops.”

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